//357 Caliber Firearms Information

357 Caliber Firearms Information

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High Quality Ammo: Bullet Setback Safety

357SIG: Main 357 SIG Information

9×19 (9mm Luger) Information

357 SIG Chronograph Data With Selected Powders

Firearms Chambered for the 357Sig Caliber

Aftermarket Barrels: A Non-Exclusive List

Agencies Using the 357 SIG Cartridge

A Few of my Favorite Gun Sites

Politics, Self-Defense, & Terrorism

Disclaimer/Warning from 357SIG: Pete’s 357 SIG Caliber Page

The new 357 SIG cartridge is used by Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement Agencies, as well as Law Abiding Citizens for the purpose of Sports Competition and Self Defense.

Welcome to my 357 Sig Hobby Page. I have some of my more up-to-date articles here, some of which I have shared with other sites. I also have some pointers to some excellent external articles and sites maintained by others.

I do not claim to be an expert, although I do rely on some expert sources. My 357sig site was created to simply share testing results, and provide information from applicable sources that I’m aware of. A main purpose of my site is to show that the new 357 Sig cartridge does indeed have merit as a new modern cartridge. If you visit a 1911 site, they will rave about 1911’s. If you visit a Glock site they rave about Glocks; ditto sith SIG web sites, etc. I believe most folks understand what specialty sites are for.  That being said, enjoy.

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High Quality Ammo: Bullet Setback Safety
With the correct die setup and components, such as using AA#9 powder, the 357 SIG caliber can be virtually impervious to bullet setback catastrophe, making it just as safe or even safer than other duty calibers:

Safety & Reloading
Bullet Setback Chart for Factory Ammo
Not All 357SIG Brass Is Created Equal
Radical Approach: .357 Bullet in a 357 SIG Chambered Pistol
357SIG: AA#9 Bullet Setback Tests
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357SIG: Main 357 SIG Information
357SIG: Why The 357 SIG Is Catching On (Unabridged)
Blast: Environmental Decibel Rating
FBI Tests the 357SIG
Pistol Energy
One-Shot Stop Statistics
Several Factory 357 SIG loads
357 Sig & .40 S&W Comparison
357Sig Reloading Costs
357 Sig Bullets For Reloading
Powder Flash Report
AmmoLab Results (external)
357SIG Headspace Article (external)
357SIG: It’s Not a Necked Down .40 (external)
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9×19 Luger Information
9x19mm Advocacy (external)
357 SIG & 9mm Comparison
AmmoLab Results (external)
9mm: AA#9 Powder
9mm: Power Pistol Powder
9mm: N350 Powder
9mm: Universal Powder
9mm: AA#7 Powder
9mm: Blue Dot Powder
9mm: HS-6 Powder
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357SIG Chronograph Data With Selected Powders
Subsonic refers to speed less than that of sound in air and could therefore be any velocity less than 1129 fps approximately, although, a lot of people like to think of subsonic as less than 1000 fps. Transonic refers to getting close to the speed of propagation of sound and can therefore range between 1027 fps to 1144 fps at sea level. Supersonic refers to greater than the speed of sound waves through air, approximately 1129 fps or greater.

Power Factor = velocity_fps X bullet_grains / 1000

Energy_in_ft/lbs = (the ability to do work) = velocity_fps X velocity_fps X bullet_grains / 450400

Visit the Hobbies section of the Handspring.com Handheld PDA Website for a few programs called Arms Locker, Ballistics, & Palm Loader: Handheld (PDA) firearms & reloading programs

Powders: 124/125 grain bullets
357 SIG: AA#9 (124 grain bullet): Excellent most forgiving & versatile powder
357SIG: AA#7 (124 grain bullet): Versatile powder with its wide range of velocities
357 SIG: N350 (124 grain bullet): Excellent all-around powder
357SIG: PowerPistol (124 grain bullet): Excellent full power, high velocity powder
357 SIG: Universal (124 grain bullet): Economical low recoil powder
357 SIG: Blue Dot (124 grain bullet)
357SIG: HS-6 (124 grain bullet)
357 SIG: N105 (124 grain bullet)
.40 S&W;: Power Pistol (180 grain bullet)
.40 S&W;: Universal (180 grain bullet)
Powders: 147 grain bullets
357 SIG: AA#9 (147 grain bullet)
357SIG: AA#7 (147 grain bullet)
357 SIG: N350 (147 grain bullet):
357 SIG: PowerPistol (147 grain bullet):
357SIG: Universal (147 grain bullet):
357 SIG: Blue Dot (147 grain bullet)
357 SIG: HS-6 (147 grain bullet)
357SIG: N105 (147 grain bullet)
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Firearms Chambered for the 357 SIG Caliber
Disclaimer: Factory built 357 SIG pistols have been tested and approved by the issuing firearms companies. If an aftermarket 357 SIG barrel is available for a given pistol, you must use your common sense to find out whether the pistol can handle the 357 SIG cartridge safely and function reliably with the magazines, etc. You are responsible for your own actions.

1911 Style Pistols
SVI/Infinity 1911 Firearms Gun Builder (factory built)
STI VIP 1911 357 Sig Pistol (factory built)
1911 pistols with aftermarket barrels
Beretta Cougar 8357 (factory built)
Beretta 96 with aftermarket barrel
Browning High Power with aftermarket barrel
CZ pistol with aftermarket Barsto barrel (not advertised)
EAA Witness with aftermarket barrel
Glocks 20, 27, 23, 22, 29, & 35 with aftermarket barrels
Glocks 33, 32,& 31 (factory built)

Testing the Glock 31
HK USP 357 Compact (factory built)
HK USP 40 with aftermarket barrel (apparently, full size USP mags work poorly with the 357 Sig)
Kel-Tec P11 with 357 barrel
Ruger P94 with aftermarket barrel
SIG’s P226, P239, P229, P229S, SP2340 (factory built)
NOTE: SIGARMS PROVIDES A FULL LINE OF 357 SIG PISTOLS (SMALL, MEDIUM, AND LARGE). This is the company that started it all. Their 357 Sig pistols are among the best with the softest felt recoil pistols on the market. If you can’t afford the Classic line, I highly recommend their polymer sigpro 2340.

SIG Pro SP2340 Pistol
SIG P226 (external)
Springfield Armory XD with 4″ and 5″ barrels (factory built).
NOTE: In the polymer style pistols, SA has the honor of manufacturing the longest factory 357 Sig barrel — 5″. SA PROVIDES COMPACT AND FULL SIZE PISTOLS IN THE 357 SIG CALIBER, with a subcompact 9mm on the way. Barsto.com fully supports the Springfield XD line.

Springfield Armory (SA) Extreme Duty XD Pistol: SA/DA Discussion and Pistol Review
www.barsto.com (at top of page in new section)
S&W; Sigma 357
Apparently, S&W; has dropped 357 Sig support for their Sigma pistols, although Barsto will take up the gap.

Steyr M357 (factory built; not officially supported in the U.S. currently. Difficult finding parts)
Steyr M series Pistol
Steyr M357 Pistol
Taurus Model 957 (factory built)
Taurus (Beretta-like pistol) with aftermarket barrel
Walther P-99 with a Barsto aftermarket barrel
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Aftermarket Barrels: A Non-Exclusive List
Disclaimer: Even if a 357 SIG aftermarket barrel is available for a given pistol, you must use your common sense to find out whether the pistol can handle the 357 SIG cartridge safely and function reliably with the magazines, etc. I’ve personally only had experience with Barsto, Jarvis, KKM, and glockmeister. You are responsible for your own actions.

Ultimate Outdoors
Bowman’s Brigade
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Agencies Using the 357 SIG Cartridge
If you have additions and/or corrections, please email via the Feedback form.

Alameda County
Delaware State Police (First to adopt the 357 SIG)
Dallas, Texas Police
Federal Air Marshals
Federal Protective Services (FPS) Special Agents for General Services Administration (GSA) – P229
Keizer Police Department, Oregon
La Porte County Indiana Sheriff’s Department
Laurence County Sheriff’s Office, Tennessee
Las Vegas Metro Police (allowed use of)
Liberty Twp Police Dept, Ohio
Maine Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office
Maine Game Wardens (P226)
Maricopa County [Phoenix] Arizona Sheriff’s Office/MCSO
Montcalm County (Michigan) Sheriff’s Office
New Jersey Division of Fish & Game
New Mexico State Police
Niles Police Dept, Ohio
Northwood Police Dept, ND
NC Highway Patrol
NC Wake County Sheriff’s Department
NC Wildlife Enforcement Officers
Nueces County Sheriff Department, Texas (Sigpro)
Oakland County Sheriff’s Dept, Michigan
Orange Police Dept, CT (sig pro, SP2340 .357)
Orlando PD (plainclothes officers)
Oxford, Mississippi
Richmond, Virginia
Rocky Mount Police Dept, Rocky Mount, NC
Springfield, IL
Tennessee Highway Patrol
Union County Sheriff’s Office, Marysville, Ohio (Glock 31)
Texas, DPS
United States (GSA) – Office of Inspector General (OIG) Special Agents – P229
United States Secret Service
Virginia State Police
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Ammolab and Responsible Shooter Forum
XD Talk Forum/HS2000 Talk Forum
Springfield Armory
The High Road Talk Forum
Shooting Sports Forum
The Gun Zone
SIG Talk Forum
SIGArms Home Page
The Calibers Page
The Firing Line Forum — History only
GlockTalk Forum
The Gunnery Network
(Or use your favorite news server provider)
All about the 9×23
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Politics, Self-Defense, & Terrorism
I love the high standards from which the Constitution of the United States of America was created. I have the Highest Hopes that the True Spirit & High Principles contained within our Constitution will continue to be sincerely followed as our unique country matures.

“E PLURIBUS UNUM: Out Of Many, One”.

Second Amendment, Self Defense, and the Right To Carry
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Firearms and all related information such as (non-exclusive list) actual firearms, parts for firearms, factory ammo, reloaded ammo, reloading information, caliber information, firearms information, and reloading equipment/components, are potentially dangerous and can cause great harm, personal injury and death. It is completely YOUR responsibility and legal obligation to be properly trained in the use of firearms and safety, and to correctly handle, load, unload, use, transport, maintain, and store your firearm, ammo, and reloading equipment/components in a safe manner.

Always refer to factory firearms instructions and precautions, refer to official reloading manuals when reloading, take a firearms class by a certified instructor, and especially be aware of Local, State, and Federal Firearms Laws. Use your common sense. You are completely responsible for your own actions! Be a good law abiding citizen and be safe! General Safety Rules

The information at this site is to the best of my knowledge and provided for information purposes only. The authors and friends represented at this site are not liable in any way for any errors that may be contained at this site. The authors and friends represented at this site are not liable in any way for the actions that are taken by the readers, based on the information presented at this site. NO liability is expressed or implied for damage or injury of any kind as a result of 357SIG: